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1st Communion Preparation

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10:00 a.m. (Has Class on Sun)
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General Information

Scheduling Information - All students are scheduled at 10:00 a.m.on Saturday May 2, 2020.

First Communion students should arrive 1 Hour early in the lower church. This will give ample time for attendance, review of the ceremony, and pictures. Chris from Tasher Studios (see add below) will be made available for photography before and after the ceremony by appointment. Families should plan for the Mass to take one hour but should also allot for time for pictures afterwards if desired.

Photography - There will be no photography allowed during the ceremony, however, Fr. Capuci has allowed for Chris, from Tasher Studios, to take photos during the ceremony. These can be easily ordered and purchased online from his website.

Reception of Communion - The students will receive communion first, one at a time, afterwards, families will be invited up to receive.

1st Communion Dress Code

Many parents have been asking about what the proper dress code for the First Eucharist would be. The ancient tradition is to wear white in remembrance of our Baptism as First Communion is also a Sacrament of Initiation. White reminds us of our purity and desire to live in Heaven. We will follow the following guidelines this year:

  • White shirt and white tie
  • Suit or dress pants and blazer (White is preferred)
  • Dress shoes (Not tennis shoes/sneakers)
  • Girls:
  • White dress
  • Veils are optional
  • No gloves (They cannot receive the Eucharist with gloves, they often get lost)
  • It is important to remember that the day is about 1st Eucharist and not about the clothes. It is good to remind your children that they are dressing up to remind them of the importance of the day (not simply to be adorable).

    One of the dangers of enforcing formal dress codes can be that it might alienate families who may have financial difficulties. We do not want to put pressure on families to buy new suits, dresses, shoes, etc. We do have a collection of dresses, suits, and veils that have been donated to assist those in need with a "Fee Rental." We just ask families to dry clean the outfit before returning it.