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54 day rosary novena

FRom August 15 through the month of October, the month of the rosary and until after election day the rosary will be prayed each evening in the rectory parking lot at 6:30pm.

In 2020, Spiritual Battle has intensified with the forces of evil becoming even more extreme in their positions against Life from conception to birth to natural death and the Sanctity of Marriage and Family. These forces manifest a radical rebellion against God’s creation of man and woman into which they seek to indoctrinate even our children.  While they call for acceptance of their positions, they are openly hostile against and completely intolerant of biblically based Christian beliefs and practice; in essence, against anyone who does not share their radical and unholy beliefs. It is in this environment that a Call to Spiritual Arms is being issued again and with even greater urgency to prayer warriors across the country and the world.


With plenty of reasons to pray and plenty of space to do so, we plan to particpate in the Rosary Coast to Coast event planned for  Sunday October 11  at the rectory parking lot at 4:00pm to pray simultaneously with the whole world. Please mark your calendars and come out to pray for our world and nation and any intentions you may have.