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The Only Hope for America is God- For Your Nation- Days of prayer and fasting

Acts 29 Prayer and Fasting for our nation

Coast to Coast Rosary 2020

National Prayer March

National Day of  remembrance for aborted children 

America Needs Fatima

We are being called by God as His faithful with a very strong momentum in our country for prayer and fasting for the healing and conversion of the heart of our nation. Never before has this nation been so divided.

Please join in this great moment for your country by partaking in many opportunities for prayer, fasting, and helping our country by prayer from the heart.By uniting our prayers to all the prayers being prayed throughout the world, God's Will can be done and we can reclaim our nation as One and under God.

The Prayer March on Washington DC  Saturday September 26th from noon - 2:00pm
Rosary for Police on Saturday September 26th at various times sponsored by America Needs Fatima

Saturday October 10,2020 America Needs Fatima Rosary Rallies at various times

Coast to Coast Rosary Sunday October 11, 2020 at 3:00pm eastern time 

There are many opportunities and prayer connects us to God.