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Help to keep those bells ringing!

Help us to get our bells ringing across the city of Woburn again !

Bells call us to worship and to remember God is the maker and keeper of time.

“For centuries, church bells have played a prominent role in the history of countries, communities, and places of worship throughout the world. Historically, church bells have served as timekeepers, used to mark the hour for work, prayer, and community gatherings. In addition, church bells often ring to commemorate special occasions and events. Prayer, worship, and community is their song.  In 1911, St Charles Borromeo Pastor James Keegan felt a dire need to fill the air of Woburn with the sound of solemn bells . Parishioners of the time answered his call and on Sunday December 10, 1911 Fr Keegan blessed the bell of St Charles and it was hoisted. With the new bell in place  Fr Keegan introduced the city to a “very ancient and  beautiful religious service….what could be more impressive than that all people within the sound  of the bell should unite in a word of prayer. According to those in attendance 3000+ people were present for the ceremony”taken from the 150th Anniversary of St Charles Celebration booklet.

Whether hearing the Angelus bell toll 3 times a day, the funeral bell tolled for its own beloved departed, or the peals joyfully rung for weddings, Woburn marked its life occasions with the bells of St. Charles for many, many years.

 Today, Fr Capuci  feels that same passion  and sincere call to once again have the bell ring at St. Charles to benefit the whole worshipping community and the city of Woburn. Restoration took place this passed Fall and the bells began to ring on the feast day of St Charles on November 4th. Restoration of St. Charles church bell to good working order has cost us approximately $10,500 and will need to be maintained for it to keep ringing for all to hear.  Donations are gladly being accepted. Let us all rejoice in the holy call to worship and spread that call to the whole city of Woburn.