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We welcome our new Pastor Fr John Capuci


We gratefully welcome Fr John Capuci as the new Pastor of the St. Charles Collaborative in Woburn ! Fr. Capuci is coming from St. Malachy's in Burlington and brings 28 years of priestly experience to St. Charles.

He is very putting together some" listening sessions" in people's homes within the parish  this Summer and throughout the year to address 4 basic questions for St. Charles Collaborative:

1)What do you love about St Charles the most?

2)What needs to be improved at St. Charles?

3)In your imagination, what could St. Charles be doing to make its future greater?

4)What is facing St. Charles that could be problematic in the future?

Would you like to be a part of this endeavor of hosting a listening session in your home for family, friends, parishioners? Will you come to a scheduled sessions?  Please give us a call 781-933-0300 x 229