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St Charles Collaborative Efforts


     A Single Parish Collaborative

All the parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston are called to participate in Disciples in Mission, the Pastoral Plan that was set in motion in 2012 by the Archbishop Cardinal O’Malley, with the goal of using the resources of our parishes in the most effective manner possible to advance the Church’s Mission of evangelization. To achieve that goal, the 288 parishes of the Archdiocese are being organized into 135 Collaboratives. Most Collaboratives involve several parishes. Others, our own is an example, are designated “Single Parish Collaboratives” that do not , at least at this time, involve multiple parishes. I will explain this below. To date, 53 collaboratives have been established. This month, an additional 10 will be added to the list.


The implementation of Disciples in Mission involves a   series of phrases. Our parish has been assigned to phase VI which will go into effect on June 1, 2018. Our designation as a Single Parish Collaborative means that we are being challenged to redouble our efforts to advance the mission of our parish, with special emphasis on the task of uniting this whole local family of faith with its three languages and intensive programs of worship, faith and service.


I will keep you advised of the developments throughout the coming year. Above all, I ask for your prayers as we enter this new era of Church life in the Archdiocese of Boston. St. Charles has always been a powerhouse of prayer and a center of faith and loving service to the needs of all. With God’s help, this will always be true to this heritage in the future that we share. Fr Shea