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Worthy Podcasts


The world can be a noisy place and how do we know who is speaking the Truth?.

The podcasts listed are just a small number of some great resources that will lighten your day and enlighten your mind.

The Word on Fire Show Bishop Robert Barron never fails to deliver a universally applicable podcast.  Every. Single. Week!!  He is such an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.  It is wonderful hearing about the many things he does in his diocese, hearing about his take on the use of new media for Christ, and hearing his reviews of different books and shows.  I love learning something new every episode I listen to.

Catholic Answers  And last, but certainly not least, Catholic Answers the go to for correct answers about your faith in a clear, concise format with humility and humour.  They are always packed with good questions and a joy to listen to.  This definitely one of those podcasts where you are constantly taking notes and making really long ‘To Read In The Future’ lists!!  

Do something  This podcast, hosted by the beautiful Leah Darrow, is based on one of Mother Teresa’s quotes that emphasizes the importance of doing beautiful things every day for the glory of God.  If you haven’t heard of Leah before, she is a wonderful speaker and mother who focuses on true beauty and modesty for young women.  As a former model who was even featured on the reality show, America’s Next Top Model, she gives us all a wonderful look at how beauty should be used and not abused.  She also does a lot of interviews, which gives us even more awesome people to follow.

Hobo for Christ:  Meg Hunter-Kilmer is the all in definition of putting one’s life completely in God’s hands.  As the name implies, she is, in fact, a hobo.  That’s right, she is a Hobo for Christ.  Several years ago. Meg sold her house and moved into her car.  Since then, she has ‘lived out of her suitcase’ and traveled to 49 states and dozens of countries.  She does speaking engagements and is such a wonderful speaker.  Her podcast features many of her recorded talks and some sit down conversations, all brimming with her love for the Catholic Faith.  She is such a joy to listen to and I absolutely love catching her talks while working out or pretty much anything:)

UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry with Fr. Mike Schmitz  If you haven’t listened to any of Father Mike’s talks or homilies, you have not lived as a Catholic teen yet!   Father Mike is the Newman Center Chaplain at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  He has devoted his entire ministry and priesthood to the enrichment of the youth of his campus and where ever else he can reach.  His love for youth is seen beautifully through all of his talks.  These podcasts contain all of his Sunday campus homilies, which always focus on topics applicable to the average Catholic student.  I can almost guarantee that you will finish listening to each of his homilies with a new seed of faith planted in your heart.

The Catholic Cafe The Catholic Cafe is such a fun podcast.  Under the diocese of Nashville, Tennessee, you will get the chance to hear friendly conversations between Deacon Jeff Drzycimski and his co-host, Tom Dorian.  This podcast is  wonderful to listen to when you need a pick me up or just some good Catholic topics to think about.  They generally talk about the weeks readings, current events, and Catholic outlooks on pretty much anything!  And plus, who wouldn’t enjoy listening to their beautiful southern accents for a half hour!

The Jeff Cavins Bible study podcast  Jeff Cavins and Ascension press bring us the Bible Timeline and a host of solid Catholic Bible study options. In this podcast Jeff addresses many of our concerns while relating them biblically with sound answers

The Jennifer Fulwiler Show: Oh Jennifer.  Where do we start?  She is a former atheist, mother of six, writer, blogger, speaker, and radio host.  And she is so entertaining to listen to.  Aside from sharing some of the adventures that go along with her many roles, she also reports on current events and pop culture from a Catholic point of view.  While she is a mother and thus does not direct much of her content towards young adults, I still thoroughly enjoy listening to her and learn so much from her and her insights