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Fighting for life from conception until natural death

01-May-2019 is the Massachusetts Bishops website which gives out timely and pertinent information to the public about the life issues facing our times.

Time is of the greatest importance to voice your displeasure with your state rep about the infanticide bill in the MA. legislature: HB 3320, SB 1209 and the "death with dignity" bill being pushed where physician assisted suicide is marketed as being merciful and kind: HB1926   SB1208 . Both of these bills oppose the right to human life through the inherent dignity of the human person and the taking of human life which God created.

Ask your legislators if they signed on to support them  and voice your concerns about their extreme measures concerning infanticide, abortions, and lack of respect for life until natural death the way God intended it to be.

If you do nothing they will pass with grave consequences.
Please sign the petition  against this horrific infanticide bill which is detrimental to our children and young women and goes against love, life, faith and caring about any person male, woman, or child  and goes way too far in its extremeism.

Massachusetts Family Institute recently  brought powerful speakers to testify against this bill. Stephanie Packer, a wife and mother of four, traveled from California to warn against physician-assisted suicide. A victim of a terminal illness often dubbed the “suicide disease” because of its high mortality rate, Stephanie managed life with the help of medical treatments her insurance covered. When physician-assisted suicide became legal in her state, however, her insurer quickly altered its policy. Stephanie’s treatments were no longer covered. For under two dollars, though, her insurance would cover suicide pills. Sadly, Stephanie’s heartbreaking story was one of many. Watch an excerpt of her powerful testimony here. Stephanie Packer

On this same day, Dr. Tom Sullivan delivered one of the most telling testimonies of the hearing. A past President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Dr. Sullivan provided insight on the many Bay State doctors who strongly oppose physician-assisted suicide.                                                                      Dr. Sullivan also revealed that over 70% of the members of the House of Delegates of the American Medical Assosciation (AMA) are opposed to physician-assisted suicide. These national members are all former presidents of AMA state chapters and represent a broad expert consensus against this perversion of the practice of medicine. Doctors have taken the Hippocratic Oath to help not kill.

As the debate over assisted-suicide continues in the State House, we must fight for every life, regardless of age, illness, or disability.  “An Act relative to end of life options” poses a real danger to some of the most at-risk members of our community. When someone we love faces the fear of a terminal diagnosis—and all the emotions and decisions that come with it—more than ever, they need to know that we believe their life is worth fighting for. 

HB 1926 and SB 1208 currently sit in committee,and wait your response to your legislators.